Dutchwoman and Children round Fisherman on a Beach

Dutchwoman and Children round Fisherman on a Beach

Watercolour, 1894
Patty Townsend-Johnson 1845 – 1907

To a large extent self-taught, Patty’s early works consisted of studies of rocks and fossils. From around age 30 she concentrated on painting the villages and countryside of her native Warwickshire.
She exhibited at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, the Royal Academy and the Society of Lady Artists.
In 1888 she married a widower with six children, Joseph Johnson, owner of Nuneaton Wool and Leather Works. Patty sketched as they travelled throughout Europe.
Her new large family did not detract from her output and by the late 1880s her work was becoming well known. The piece shown here comes from what is regarded as her best period, the product of trips to Brittany and Picardy. She often depicted poverty and a struggle for survival in the figures placed in her compositions.

MNEMG 1944.10