governors island art fair

galleryELL will be participating in the 2nd annual governors island art fair on 26 & 27 september 2009

governors island art fair invite

governors island art fair invite

where: governors island, new york
when: 5 – 27 september 2009; saturdays and sundays, 11am – 6pm
galleryELL will attend: 26 & 27 september 2009
closing reception festivities: sunday, 27 september from 12 – 7pm

governors island, new york:
minutes from the southern tip of manhattan lies an island few outside the military have ever visited. the 4heads collective believed this forgotten island was the perfect setting to create and exhibit art. with rolling hills, sprawling lawns, colonial homes and ancient forts this secret island has now become the focal point of the new york art scene.

not only will viewers have the opportunity to stroll through these abandoned army barracks experiencing this talented selection of artists, but there will be two new elements added to this year’s show. the first new addition to this growing exhibition will be the inclusion of several local and international art galleries who will be exhibiting in the rooms adjacent to the ones featuring the work of independent artists. also included for the first time this year is the aspect of live music dance and performance art.

on view:
joel bacon, aleks bartosik, loren erdrich, jodi hays, lori hinrichsen, liz kauffman, daniel nelson, jennifer palmer, gregory patselas, john ros & jessica westbrook.