new artists to galleryELL

galleryELL would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome three new artists:
matthew choberka, kirsten nash & annie varnot.

these artists join a dynamic group of actively working artists concerned with connectivity to community beyond their practice.
we look forward to working with them and growing our strength as a transient gallery community.

position papers series, 2009
matthew choberka
the recent body of work, “position papers”, engages the instability and complexity of the contemporary world, by way of a serial approach to the image that hybridizes the languages of drawing and painting… more

kirsten nash, my agnes
kirsten nash
the suburbanized landscape, specifically shoppingmall parking lots, seemed the perfect reflection of our time. familiar, generic, and loaded with cultural significance, this archetype of a contemporary environment would serve as a staring point for nash’s exploration of the dialogue between image and abstraction… more

annie varnot, vertigo, 2007
annie varnot
varnot works both two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally, and at times these processes co-exist. these organic abstractions investigate humans’ impact on the earth and how the landscape we affect affects us in return… more