Varnot — Latest News

I am pleased to announce I was selected by SFMOMA Artists Gallery Director, Maria Madua, for a month long artist residency at Whiskeytown National Park, in California for 2010.
She wrote…

“Annie Varnot’s materials (non-biodegradable polymers) are much further from natural than those used by Gerber and Moosman, yet her forms mimic nature at its most elemental.  “Swelling” is composed of plastic drinking straws, pompoms, Pearlier beads, colored wire, mylar, packing balls, a thermometer and electrical light.  A swelling ocean, with human habitations positioned above the water on stilts; a microscopic view of a benign tumor; or a fluorescent coral reef are just some of the things the sculpture evokes.  This colorful microcosm makes no apologies for its artificiality, but delights in its hybrid state.”

At Whiskeytown I will live in a 2 bedroom cabin, by myself, and immerse myself in making art and exploring it’s relationship with nature.

I will also be attending Weir Farm Artist Residency in August 2010, and Jentel Artist Residency in Wyoming in 2011.

Recently, Professor Jerry Kearns of UMASS Amherst brought his NYPOP class-20 or so art students-to my studio in Brooklyn. Jerry is a phenomenal artist, interviewer, and has a keen sense of seeing. it was a very exciting studio visit.