Annie Varnot — A.I.R. at Weir Farm Art Center

It’s my first week at Weir Farm…the space is perfect for my artistic thoughts and practice. I have been here two nights and two days. I live by myself in a farm cottage and in the driveway is a newly renovated barn to serve as my studio. The studio is awesome at approximately 400 square feet with cathedral ceilings, temperature control, a huge bathroom, modern deck overlooking a wooded stream (it’s dried up right now), lovely sky high windows, workable walls, gray cement floor, and incredible acoustics. The AIR residency is across the street from the Weir Farm Visitors Center, atop a hill, surrounded by acres of trails and gardens. I am working on an installation involving pipe cleaners, drinking straws, sushi grass, and monofilament. It is huge, in the round, and very exciting to see and work on! I will upload pictures soon. Since Weir Farm Art Center is connected to Weir Farm National Historic Site, there are a lot of funny government rules-one being I cannot get up on a ladder without supervision. Unfortunately, my piece involves a lot of ladder work! That being said, I decided to go to Home Depot in CT and buy myself a ladder and close the doors. I have tons of ladders back in NYC so this felt frustrating but necessary. After a day of ladder work, the piece is growing. At 4pm I set out to explore the area. I ran a marathon last year but since then I haven’t been running, so I am trying to get back into practice and it is a fun way to explore the area. After a run I walk around the National Historic Site absorbing and appreciating the beauty of my surroundings while focusing on one sense at a time. It’s fabulous and you all should visit