sluice__Art Fair 2015

galleryELL is excited to be participating in the biennial sluice__Art Fair in London, UK, this October.

This October sees the return of one of the UK’s most important art fairs – and we’re not talking about frieze.
Jack Hutchinson


The 2015 edition of sluice__ will host approximately 35 artist/curator-run and emerging galleries from around the world.

sluice__ positions itself in the centre of London during Frieze week in order to create a space for critically engaged art that finds itself in conflict with the hyper commercialised environment of the art fair as trade fair. sluice__ is thereby a counter-balance to the predominant model. sluice__ occupies the form of the art fair but is not beholden to the art fair model in its current state.

sluice__ is an art initiative run by an artist, a curator and an art educationalist. Since its inception in 2011, sluice__’s emphasis has been on open and collaborative practice, with a strong program of education, performance and publishing. sluice__ is a critical platform which takes on different guises (including art fairs, expos and exhibitions) to investigate the very nature of art and its relationship to commerce.

Participating galleryELL Artists

   Joel Bacon
   Fiona Buchanan
   Don De Mauro
   Jodi Hays
   Anna Hoberman
   Nancy Hubbard
   Kirsten Nash

Location & Times


Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street
South Bank, London SE1 9PH UK

Thursday, 15 October 2015
   12 – 2p / Press Preview
   2 – 5p / VIP Preview
   5 – 8.30p / Private View

Friday – Sunday, 16 -18 October
   11a – 6p / open to public