sluice_ Projects Presents:

Lion Eating Poet In The Stone Den
11 – 27 February 2016
sluice_ Projects

PV: Thursday 11 February, 6-8p
@ 18 Malden Rd, Belsize Park, London, NW5 3HN / map

February 11/12 19/20 26/27 11a-5p

Andre de Jong
John Ros
Tash Kahn
Karl England


Lion Eating Poet In The Stone Den explores the way in which we understand and perceive objects in relation to ideas.

The exhibition examines the systems that inform the way in which we interpret the significance of objects. Taking its title from the homophonic Chinese poem Shi Shì shí shi shi, the exhibition is underpinned by an examination of perception in relation to actuality. From the role that culture plays in framing our understanding of artworks and artefacts to the influence that technology bears on how value is assigned, the artists not only question how meaning is constructed, but also consider how it can shift over the course of an object’s existence.

The exhibition will present four artists whose works adopts form in order to express the slippery nature of meaning. Where form struggles to materialise, and when it does it wriggles away from interpretation.