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Varnot…W/hole May 19–July 1, 2012 Sunroom Project Space


W/hole May 19–July 1, 2012 Sunroom Project Space
Join us Sunday, May 20 at 1:30PM, to meet the artist and hear her discuss the work.
For her highly personal Sunroom Project, Annie Varnot filled the room with enigmatic white sculptures to set up a serene space for contemplating life’s impermanence, as well as the potential for growth and renewal. To create this installation, Varnot collected unsellable eggs from a poultry farmer in Nova Scotia during an artist residency. She then washed and hollowed the dirty or irregularly shaped eggs and set them in plaster, making ambiguous forms with odd protrusions that are mysterious yet seem strangely familiar. Accompanying videos elucidate the visceral experience of manipulating the eggs.
Print and bring this invitation for free admission on May 20.

Varnot — Artist In Residence at Jentel

I am finishing up a fantastic month long artist residency at Jentel, in Banner, Wyoming. Prior to the residency I hiked for 306 miles from the Mexican boarder north along the pacific crest trail. This hike, along with the topographical trail maps, journal entries, and correspondence with family and friends has inspired a new body of work that I have begun at Jentel. I am excited to share it with people.

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Varnot — “Oh Varian Sea,” at ROCA

Mulling over the damaging effects of industrialization and consumer culture on the natural landscape, Varnot’s installation, Oh Varian Sea

… is an imagined scientific production of a landscape. In this piece, the mysterious lab sample explodes into a synthetic  wonderland composed not only of the found scientific objects, but also miscellaneous debris, pvc pipes, multi-colored wires, and electric green drinking straws linked together, suggesting slime tubes. With references to nature and the blooming spring, this lab-scape, as the title suggests, is a play on production, reproduction, and the spirit of growth.


Varnot — Hiking the PCT and Jentel Residency

If you haven’t had a chance to go see Annie Varnot’s installation “Oh Varian Sea,” at Rockland Center for the Arts, in the exhibition,  “Flowers Follies, and Other Rites of Spring,” I highly recommend it.  The show is fantastic. I hope to post images of the work soon.

Come mid April Annie Varnot will be packing her bags for two months to go out west. She will be meeting artist and adventurer, Christy Georg, to hike the southern portion of the Pacific Crest Trail for three weeks. Following her hike, she will travel to Banner, Wyoming, where she will explore her drinking straw work at Jentel Artist Residency.

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Varnot — @ Weir Farm Art Center December 2010

i am too cold to write in my black book diary and so it is easier to write on my laptop because it provides warmth from the bottom of the computer and in so writing on my computer I feel compelled to share with you my “diary.” It is 5:15 pm and it is very cold and dark and I do not want to be outside. December. That being said, I like it here at Weir Farm. There is an absolute contrast in temperature, color, and light between being here in August verse being here in December.

Varnot — updates

Varnot attending A.I.R. at Weir Farm, December 2010.

I have returned to Weir Farm for the month of December. I am focusing on work I relate to winter.  I have started five subtle tree watercolors with minimal narrative elements relating to the site. In addition I am sinking chicken eggs I had previously drained into baggies of hydrocal. Once finished, the accumulation of the eggs peaking out of plaster bags will become a larger modular floor or wall installation. I am also working on some tree cut outs and may or may not continue with some drinking straw work…we’ll see!
Happy Holidays!

Varnot finalist for Headlands Center for The Arts Project Space
Annie was recently notified by the Headlands Center for the Arts that she was selected as a finalist for their Artist in Residence Project Space. Unfortunately, in the end, she was not selected….

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Varnot — Convergence Exhibition at Lumenhouse

Annie Varnot is participating in a really fantastic show in Brooklyn with a bunch of great artists.

47 Beaver Street, Brooklyn, 11206

Opening: Saturday, Oct 16th from 7-9pm
or visit the gallery on weekends through December 12th, 2010. Annie will be gallery sitting on October 24th, so you can talk with the artist that day.

Annie Varnot — A.I.R. at Weir Farm Art Center

It’s my first week at Weir Farm…the space is perfect for my artistic thoughts and practice. I have been here two nights and two days. I live by myself in a farm cottage and in the driveway is a newly renovated barn to serve as my studio. The studio is awesome at approximately 400 square feet with cathedral ceilings, temperature control, a huge bathroom, modern deck overlooking a wooded stream (it’s dried up right now), lovely sky high windows, workable walls, gray cement floor, and incredible acoustics. The AIR residency is across the street from the Weir Farm Visitors Center, atop a hill, surrounded by acres of trails and gardens. I am working on an installation involving pipe cleaners, drinking straws, sushi grass, and monofilament. It is huge, in the round, and very exciting to see and work on! I will upload pictures soon. (more…)

Varnot — Latest News

I am pleased to announce I was selected by SFMOMA Artists Gallery Director, Maria Madua, for a month long artist residency at Whiskeytown National Park, in California for 2010.
She wrote…

“Annie Varnot’s materials (non-biodegradable polymers) are much further from natural than those used by Gerber and Moosman, yet her forms mimic nature at its most elemental.  “Swelling” is composed of plastic drinking straws, pompoms, Pearlier beads, colored wire, mylar, packing balls, a thermometer and electrical light.  A swelling ocean, with human habitations positioned above the water on stilts; a microscopic view of a benign tumor; or a fluorescent coral reef are just some of the things the sculpture evokes.  This colorful microcosm makes no apologies for its artificiality, but delights in its hybrid state.”