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Four: Drawing Two

Four: Drawing Two
07 – 27 December 2015
organized by studioELL


galleryELL is proud to host this inaugural studioELL exhibition presenting the pilot online Drawing Two course offered this term.

View the exhibition.

studioELL is galleryELL’s space for studios, residencies and courses. studioELL officially launched in Summer 2015. This Drawing Two online pilot program was initiated, in part, because the students and professor worked together in a physical Drawing 1 course. This relationship allowed them to create individual and group rapports and establish a culture of higher learning. This experience, and the desire to continue working together, was the impetus for developing this online studio course. A new lesson was presented each week. After completion, the students presented their work and discussed the work of their fellow students in the virtual classroom. The group also met physically in London during the middle of the course. Group and one-on-one discussions where exchanged with the professor each week.

studioELL is testing possible models at which effective learning in fine art can be executed. This course along with future pilot courses will help create models from which to form a wider studio program, both digitally and physically. This way of working maintains studioELL’s identity as a hybrid, transient entity, continually evolving and adapting to best fit the current needs of the times.

like galleryELL, studioELL is not-for-profit. Though we do not have official 501c3 status all revenue goes directly back into funding future projects. Though we will pay professors in the future, all revenue for this course went to fund the start up platform. We are proud to be artist-run and artist-funded. Donations are graciously accepted.

More information about studioELL can be found here, along with courses, and upcoming residencies.

Holiday 2015


Didn’t make it to London for the sluice__ Art Fair? No worries, the DADU online Shop now includes featured artists from the fair. Even better, you can view and shop online. However, if you prefer to see any of the work in person, we will arrange a private viewing. Simply contact us to make an appointment.

galleryELL is not-for-profit. We pride ourselves on maintaining low commission rates so that the money from sales can go directly back to the artists. As always, any commission from sales will go directly back into funding future projects. Much of the work we do is completed by volunteers. We are proud to be artist-run and artist-funded.


Barter Town


galleryELL is proud to participate in Heather Hart’s, Barter Town: Trading Post XVIII, in conjunction with Of Gentle Birth, an exhibition curated by Jonathan Allen at Repair the World.

FREE bartering event open to all!
Saturday, 12 December, 3-5p
@ Repair the World NYC / 808 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216 / MAP

Whether you are looking for performance, film, art, costumes, massage therapy, palm reading, clothing, or anything else, Barter Town is the place to find it and swap for what you have to give. Trade art, poetry, songs, dance, teach a skill, clean a house, host a dinner, give a hug… Bring your goods, ideas, valuables, sevices and creativity and go home with a new experience.

All Barter Town “booths” run on bartering only — no currency or cash trading allowed.

galleryELL founder, John Ros will be offering professional practice advise for artists of all levels at Barter Town. Advice will also be given for general resumes, writing, proposals, job applications, etc., so bring your materials whether you are seeking artistic advice, or simply want some more general professional advice about your next steps.


Continuing the conversation on gentrification.
Check out: We Are ALL New York by John Ros


The accelerated rate at which we receive seemingly infinite information is not only making it impossible to keep up, it is creating a cacophony of visual, written and audible noise that becomes indecipherable. It often seems our only hope is to retreat into the growing digital sanctuaries of distraction that have been so carefully curated for us. The speed of technology along with the insatiable corporate takeover of our globe is interconnected in a way that is destroying the foundations of neighborhoods and the sanctity of life for the vulnerable: those deemed expendable.