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After much time and reflection, we have come to the decision to end galleryELL’s programing at the end of 2016. Our sister project, studioELL will remain operational as we shift our focus to alternatives in higher education and community organizing.

Though galleryELL has always been a fluid project that has allowed for the evolution needed to lead the zeitgeist, the project finally feels like its scope has become oddly limited. At the start of 2017, will shift to become an archive in order to highlight all the amazing projects we have accomplished over the past eight years.

We want to thank our artists, followers and supporters for the enthusiasm you have shown us throughout the years. This project has been fully artist funded and run! We pride ourselves on maintaining this identity which has helped shape much of the cultural landscape today. This project has meant so much — from the studio visits and residences, to exhibitions, writing and curatorial projects. We stand proud of everything we have accomplished over the past eight years.

We wish you all the best in continued success in and out of the studio — with rigorous conversations within the multitude of varied art spaces we occupy.

John Ros, Director
& the galleryELL Team


… for conversations about art, the universe & everything.

Sluice NYC WEB

DOLPH is an artist-run project based in London, UK. At DOLPH we set a brief. We want artists to share all the personal stuff, to tell the story of what makes them tick, and present it in an intriguing, cohesive exhibition.

But DOLPH is more than just a series of shows that contextualize an artist’s practice. DOLPH is an ongoing conversation, a pooling of ideas, a sharing of inspirations. DOLPH recognizes that everything is integral to an artist’s conceptual and making process, and that broader conversations that set the world to rights can be just as informative as discussions about an artist’s practice.

DOLPH will be in NYC for a week in October 2016 during Sluice_ Exchange Rates. We would like to visit as many artists as we can in their studios, and talk to artist-run projects / galleries, to discuss ideas, working processes and more. We are interested in anything and everything. These dialogues and exchanges will be documented, with images and quotes posted on social media, and possibly later published.

During these exchanges we hope to highlight the rich complexities and vagaries of an artist’s creative process, and develop links for future collaborations both in the US and the UK. The ambition for this project is to forge relationships that can continue long after Exchange Rates has finished.

If you would be interested in talking to Paul & Tash, the directors of DOLPH, email: NYC [at]

Body Politic


Body Politic
13 May – 18 June 2016
curated by John Ros

RECEPTION: Friday, 13 May, 6-9p

@ academic
47-39 35th Street, Second Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101 [map]
HOURS: Saturday, 1-5p, and by appointment / academicgallery |at|


Our bodies. Individual. En masse. Deciders and followers. Corps-état at center and surrounded – These are our movements and moments: past, future, and present.

Body Politic looks at the figure as inherently political. Our bodies are equal rights, incarceration, inequality, abortion, rape, human trafficking, torture, war — the list is endless. As we move throughout our day, many actions become automatic. Technology pushes and tugs us into one direction or the next: we are subject to a constant deluge of information and access by others, finding comfort in the actions of the “like-minded”.

With the invisible motion of the technological energy around us all, our bodies, minds and souls are also in constant movement. Because of this we seek camaraderie as a sense of pause. However, the more we are surrounded by the “like-minded”, the more divisive we can become. Rather than focus on our similarities, how much more interesting to negotiate our differences? How can we aim for a space that promotes a truly free and open society?

Body Politic, curated by John Ros, features the work of Nina Buxenbaum, Mike Cloud, Loren Nosan, Paulapart, Elinore Schnurr, Zach Seeger, Kathy Stecko and Arielle Stein as a way into these conversations through the practices of these eight artists.