“element – progress”

“element – progress”
9 april – 21 may 2011
@ spool mfg.
curated by john ros


“element – progress” is a group exhibition about materials, process and the experience of making and viewing artwork featuring the work of annie varnot, jodi hays, joel bacon, kariann fuqua, kirsten nash, nancy hubbard & richard feaster.

at its core, “element – progress” is about space: the spaces inhabited by the artist, the art and the viewer, and how artist and viewer navigate them throughout their lives.

the exhibition’s title is intended to be enigmatic. congruent with the show, it is not meant to provide instant recognition or a passive experience for the viewer, rather it is meant to initiate contemplative dialogue within the mindspace.

“element” simply refers to the foundation or building blocks of any space. specifically, in the artist’s space, elements are materials that are utilized to build and create.

“progress” starts in the studio with each artist’s unique journey. with each new development, the artist evolves. this evolution introduces the artist to different experiences. whether creating ambitious new work or presenting a body of work for the first time, each artist in this exhibition is marking a new stage in their progression.

“element – progress” features spool mfg. as both muse and participant — its history, mission and momentum provides a plethora of information that assists us in negotiating space, right now.

“element – progress” is available for travel to your venue. for more information please contact us.

all work in this exhibit is available for sale. download price list.
please contact us to view work in person.

galleryELL and spool mfg. are both artist-run and -funded organizations. without the participation and hard work of our artists, events like this would not happen.

a special thank you to don demauro for making spool mfg. a reality.

thanks to andy stevens for his hard work and devotion and to the volunteers of spool mfg. that keep this wonderful machine running.

also, thanks to the artists who are taking part in this event. your investment in your work and its impact upon this community will continue to be felt for sometime.

finally, a very special thank you to helen insinger, carol weissmann & k eaton for housing our artists and staff during installation.