September – December 2012
curated by Amanda Kates


Roberta Gentry
Monica Bill Hughes
Amanda Kates
Jenny Kemp

A fissure is a linear break in an object or idea. Sometimes, it emerges through the physical armature of a form, or as a crack in its armor. A fissure might allow us a glimpse so deep into the microcosmic depths of biology, that we feel we have passed through a wormhole into the macrocosm of our ever-expanding universe. Fissures may be emotional, or psychological – clefts in the authenticity of one’s own senses, or memory. A cognitive fissure may arise out of simple contradiction.

Each artist in this exhibition employs (or exploits) fissure in a unique manner. Monica Bill Hughes is consumed by the incongruity of her fascination with the images of American popular culture. Jenny Kemp peers into the yawning abyss of microscopic organic matter, reconstituting cellular forms and the spaces they inhabit, into worlds of her own imagining. Geological fissures observed and invented by Roberta Gentry activate an awareness of the physical, historical records left behind by growth, dissolution, and movement. Amanda Kates uses anxiously shifting patterns and colors to dissolve visual distinctions between figure, space, and form.

The breaks in continuity allowed by these fissures provide inventive fodder for each artist. Geology and biology, as well as the human form specifically, are broken down, built up, closely observed, and wildly mutated so that their respective curiosities may remain insatiably piqued.

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About the Curator:
Amanda Kates is a painter, currently working in Washington DC. She received her MFA from the State University of New York at Albany, as well as a BFA from Binghamton University, and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has been selected for a number of competitions, and awards including the Best of SUNY Art Exhibition Series, a Residency and Fellowship with the Vermont Studio Center, and the Distinguished MFA Project Award from SUNY Albany. She was also a nominee for the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant. Her work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries along the east coast, including New York, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Providence.

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