Curated by Jennifer Palmer
Summer 2010


Joel Bacon
Matthew Choberka
Gregory Patselas
Annie Varnot

These artworks form a collection of experiences that showcase the world and how as individuals we may perceive it. From the simplistic to the complex, these pieces can show a wide range of emotions that capture ones attention and holds one to further investigate the intriguing map that they draw.

From the captivating line and textures that are evoked in Joel Bacon’s artwork to the brilliant and energetic colors of Annie Varnot’s pieces. This collection creates a dialogue to be explored in how we interpret the environments that surround us. These artworks allow the viewer to explore varying levels of perceptions.

These perceptions are explored in the layered media of Matthew Choberka’s artwork. His artwork creates a play on the senses from the contrasts of the painterly washes that heighten the expressive line quality. This range of expression shows the journey that the artist has taken with the travels of his mind that is then expressed in the marks created by his hand.

Lastly, looking at Gregory Patselas’s artwork one questions how much information do you need to get a sense of a place. He masterfully captures the essence of the perceptual information and translates it onto the surface of his pieces. In his minimal marks he is able to capture the places he sees and there is a wonderful sense of motion and energy that enables the viewer to see and even feel the air of where he has been.

Manifestations is an exploration of the complexity of creating a sense of place. These creations of place leave a mark in the heart of the viewer to another time when they might have seen and experienced similar locations. Thus, bringing up emotions of the past and creating a relationship with the artwork.