March — June 2011
curated by john ros


a look at the human condition. featuring the artwork of aleks bartosik, pierre gauvin, steven ketchum, zach seeger & suprina

proportional is an investigation into the human condition. it takes a close look at the absurd, even grotesque situations that define human existence. when social, cultural and personal contexts are defined by purpose, especially with the growth of adversity, disparity and apathy, triumph may seem bleak. however, we continue to endure the struggle through life to form meaning for ourselves and those around us.

the art world is no stranger to this discussion. whether through documentation, commentary or exploration, artists continue their search for purpose. because of it’s recognition and relevance, the human figure often takes a lead role in this conversation. the artwork presented in proportional all incorporate the use of figure as a tool to create meaning from the continuum of human experience.

suprina defines her own standard. she states that, “worth is a matter of context. whether something is deemed ugly, unworthy or socially unacceptable can turn on a dime. … [i strive] to be the alchemist … to turn that dime.” steven remarks that, “… artwork is a reflection of confusion seen in the world … the figures in my work either don’t understand themselves or each other.” suprina and steven both make the effort, despite the norm, to present characters of importance and value.

throughout the continuum, dreams are often as important as reality. they center our subconscious and elevate our senses. while pierre’s photographs are not necessarily dream-inspired, his process may be. “i found next to a sidewalk, a garbage bag filled with body parts. there was a leg and a bunch of arms mostly without hands but two of the arms did have hands. one hand was missing a finger. i hung that arm over my bed.” aleks’ approach may be more personal, “i explore the boundaries between the real and the imaginary and investigate one’s … willingness to imagine, pretend, dream….” their confidence in investigation gives these dream-scapes viability. the subsequent realities offer the viewer a new lens in which to view their own journey.

finally, zach brings all of these subtleties together forming a cacophony of deliberate rhythm. “the goal of my work is to represent multiple states of being. the images … represent situations that may occur. … it is the color and composition that serve as a fixed, albeit temporal, screen that unify the images and allow for … meditation. his sense of awareness of the viewer relays his message and allows it to resonate beyond the image itself.

as this work dissolves into the routine of the everyday, take these experiences beyond the moment. proportional not only understands the struggle of human existence, but offers solace in the fact that there is meaning hidden around every corner.

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