john ros: remnant
an introduction to new works
10 april 2009, 6-10p
chocolate factory | 275 park avenue, brooklyn, ny 11205


this absurd contemporary moment solicits images and obsessions created by the ordinary becoming extraordinary. approached with responsibility, the fleeting can evolve to form meaning and illicit purpose beyond its ‘limits’. it is the silent pulse of objects reflecting off a viewer that negotiates the essence of time and the scope of space.

i erect monuments, construct icons, unveil relics and immortalize the vestiges of an over- stimulated existence.

remnant is a prelude to an installation now being proposed. it reflects on an over-stimulated society. it brings imagery back to the basics and attempts to quiet the constant noise around us. reflection comes both from the maker and the viewer. meditative and surreal, the absurd objects created respond to their makers and disposers as well as call for a new meaning in terms of art. in proceeding with concern for the environment and out of respect for our communities, these pieces reflect on the evolution of art with a consciousness of the future.

this installation captures the delicate, simplistic beauty and elegance of our immediate world. the daily chaos and overwhelming requirements of our society weakens the efficacy of the subtleties and details of moments, spaces and objects of our everyday. by being honest with ourselves and our place in this world we can begin the process to see more clearly through the chaos. in time, through minimalism, clarity can once again allow us to experience the vast world outside our front doors.

the process started with the creation of the series of collages, called industrialization, which deals with the ongoing theme of architecture versus nature. these images are building blocks functioning as foundations — minimally rendered fragments of time. the two-dimensional aspects move from the specific and tight to the vast and universal. large voids of canvas become monoliths — moments in which to reflect and/or remember specific spaces and moments.

two and three-dimensions are utilized in a way of informing on each other as source material. they both convey a sense of representation of each other through their composition and relationships to one another in space. whether two or three-dimensional, the coexistence of each suggests an evolution of process as prominence is met in the commingling of mark, mass and muse.

remnant connects immediate function and meaning in industrial and raw spaces, using the local community as inspirational source material. the heightening of the forgotten, the disposed and the recycled is an attempt to bring an over-stimulated culture to a more meditative and peaceful space. these reasons support the industrial, raw nature of a community-conscious space as a desirable home to complete and exhibit this installation. once we understand our local communities we can begin to have a greater appreciation for and understanding of our global community.