transient landscape

transient landscape
22 july — 25 september 2011
governors island: building 4a & b in nolan park
curated by john ros

galleryELL @ governors island poster.  design: christine gedeon, 2011.

galleryELL @ governors island poster. design: christine gedeon, 2011.


transient landscape represents an investigation into our everyday — literally, the landscape that surrounds us and psychologically, the landscape of our mind. this “mindscape” is influenced by our physical surroundings the same as our perception of the physical landscape is influenced by our mind.

each of these artists approaches their imagery in a different way, but the subtle commonalities are surprising. whether in tone, accent, line, form or color, the artists represented here are challenging their surroundings by responding to them. by confronting that which may seem obvious, they begin to explore their own placement upon this landscape. this exhibit asks the same of its viewers.

the term “landscape” is used here to represent many forces. as metaphor, it can resemble our environment, the everyday, our life cycle, our internal struggles — . the essence of landscape also represents the idea of a constant. though we often move from space to space, our influence on place remains the same.

gedeon, hays, hinrichsen and nash may feel somewhat more attached to landscape as subject. though their images transcend the actual genre, we recognize them as such. cullinane, feaster, hubbard and yazdan represent spaces more of form and abstraction, a visualization already in transcendence. and yet, bacon, choberka, fuqua, lee and ros bring forward object as landscape. pieces of the puzzle that connect our spaces — a to b and so on.

whatever the approach, much is asked of the viewer’s interpretation and participation as the spaces open up the mind through memory and familiarity in a dream-like way. the essence of landscape as executed is the transition from place to place. this journey is of utmost importance. the back and forth movement from here to there is truly what sets the boundaries of emotion and reality.

this back and forth helps define us as people and a society. it touches on our senses of desire and compassion. this exhibit represents a psychological journey constant in the unconscious of us all — lifting forward in our continuance and movement — in transience.

gallery hours:
july & august: friday through sunday, 12-4p
september: saturday & sunday, 12-4p (also open labor day: monday, 5 september, 12-4p)

open studio hours:
july through september: saturdays, 12-3p

galleryELL is an artist-run and artist-funded organization. without the participation and hard work of our artists, events like this would not happen. i would especially like to thank nancy hubbard, joel bacon & christine gedeon for their support with this project.

thank you to everyone at the trust for governors island for providing us with this space and the opportunity to be a part of the governors island 2011 season.

a special thanks to our sponsor, color-x, for taking care of our printing needs.

finally, thank you to andrew collins, christine bae, emma safi r, lily churgin, negin moss & pablo albilal for all their hard work and dedication.