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this week on governors island

transient landscape:
visualizing governors island

our programing continues on governors island this week. as of last weekend, our artist-in-residence program is also now open to the public on saturdays from 12-3p.

this week: galleryELL artist kariann fuqua from washington dc joins the exhibit and the a-i-r program.

images and a description of our exhibit are available here.

artist-in-residence: governors island

visualizing governors island, galleryELL’s artist-in-residence program on governors island this season is in full swing. studios are set up and artists are working throughout the week with open studios every saturday through 24 september 2011.

our artists-in-residence include:
joel bacon, matthew choberka, james cullinane, kariann fuqua, christine gedeon, nancy hubbard & john ros.

the residency will conclude on 24 & 25 september with a closing weekend celebration in conjunction with our group exhibit, transient landscape, also on view on governors island.

view images of the residency.

this week on governors island

group exhibit continues
artist-in-residence studios open

transient landscape
an evolving group exhibit which takes a broad look at the influence of our ever-changing landscapes — physical and psychological — through a variety of media.
gallery hours: friday – sunday, 12-4p
location: building 4b, nolan park

visualizing governors island
an artist-in-residence program, with open studios on saturday to give the public an inside look at our galleryELL artists at work.
open studio hours: saturday, 12-3p
location: building 4a, nolan park

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donate — galleryELL @ governors island

on behalf of galleryELL i would like to introduce you to transient landscape: visualizing governors island, a new group exhibit and artist-in-residence program coming to governors island this summer.

this two-part project will include an evolving group exhibition, entitled transient landscape, which takes a broad look at the influence of our ever-changing landscapes — physical and psychological — through a variety of media, as well as a concurrent artist-in-residence program, visualizing governors island, which will give the public an inside look at our artists at work. this project will run from 22 july through 25 september 2011.

the majority of expenses for each galleryELL event are carried by our artist members. due to the size and scope of transient landscape we are reaching out to you to ask for some form of sponsorship. financial donations will be graciously accepted and will help fund exhibition costs including packaging/shipping, installation materials, marketing, insurance, and other related expenses.

last year, governors island received more than 443,000 visitors during its 2010 summer season, and even more are expected in 2011. we are very excited to have the potential to reach so many people and share our mission and our work with the public. we would love to have you be a part of that experience.

should you choose to donate to our event, your generosity will be recognized by adding your name to a credit panel that will hang at the entrance of the gallery space on the island.

galleryELL is a transient, brooklyn-based gallery comprised of active artists who look beyond daily practice by reaching out to members of our community and to the community at large, sharing resources, ideas, and creativity through camaraderie. we see the idea of transience as part of all of us and as part of the cities in which we live. recently we have had successful exhibits both locally and internationally. to find out more about galleryELL visit

we thank you for your generous support. you help bring great art to the people of new york!

john ros, artist & founder/director, galleryELL
galleryELL /at/ gmail /dot/ com

please donate!

governors island artists

galleryELL is pleased to introduce the artists that will be participating in transient landscape, an evolving group exhibition which takes a broad look at the influence of our ever-changing landscapes — physical and psychological — through a variety of media.

artists included:
becky yazdan | christine gedeon | deanna lee | jodi hays | joel bacon | john ros | kariann fuqua | kirsten nash | lori hinrichsen | matthew choberka | nancy hubbard | richard feaster

the exhibit will be on view from 22 july through 25 september 2011
location: building 4a & b in nolan park.
free & open to the public | getting to governors island

gallery hours:
july & august: friday through sunday, 12-4p
september: saturday & sunday, 12-4p (also open labor day: monday, 5 september, 12-4p)

visit governors island this summer!

transient landscape: visualizing governors island

galleryELL is pleased to announce that we will be part of the 2011 season at governors island with transient landscape: visualizing governors island. this two-part project takes a broad look at the influence of our ever-changing landscapes — physical and psychological — through a variety of media, as well as gives the public an inside look at our artists at work.

curated by john ros.

project on view from 22 july through 25 september 2011

hours & more info
artists exhibiting

galleryELL in ontario, canada

brooklyn takes on alton!
the bartlett gallery alton mill | alton, ontario, canada
15 june – 10 july 2011
opening reception: saturday, 18 june, 1-4p

a group exhibit of galleryELL’s nyc artists, including: joel bacon, christine gedeon, nancy hubbard, deanna lee, kirsten nash, john ros, annie varnot & beck yazdan.

Hinrichsen — Workshops

Lori Hinrichsen has enjoyed teaching art and being a guide to people in their creative process since 2003. She now offers workshops in Vermont and throughout New England. Workshops are non toxic and require no specialized equipment. Adult classes 6-8 students.

If you would like more information for an on-site group workshop please contact Lori.

Lori Hinrichsen
Lori on galleryELL

image: Hinrichsen: water-based monotypes, 2009. 6×6″ each.

Varnot — Hiking the PCT and Jentel Residency

If you haven’t had a chance to go see Annie Varnot’s installation “Oh Varian Sea,” at Rockland Center for the Arts, in the exhibition,  “Flowers Follies, and Other Rites of Spring,” I highly recommend it.  The show is fantastic. I hope to post images of the work soon.

Come mid April Annie Varnot will be packing her bags for two months to go out west. She will be meeting artist and adventurer, Christy Georg, to hike the southern portion of the Pacific Crest Trail for three weeks. Following her hike, she will travel to Banner, Wyoming, where she will explore her drinking straw work at Jentel Artist Residency.

annie varnot on galleryELL
annie varnot