Varnot — “Oh Varian Sea,” at ROCA

Mulling over the damaging effects of industrialization and consumer culture on the natural landscape, Varnot’s installation, Oh Varian Sea

… is an imagined scientific production of a landscape. In this piece, the mysterious lab sample explodes into a synthetic  wonderland composed not only of the found scientific objects, but also miscellaneous debris, pvc pipes, multi-colored wires, and electric green drinking straws linked together, suggesting slime tubes. With references to nature and the blooming spring, this lab-scape, as the title suggests, is a play on production, reproduction, and the spirit of growth.


ros — exhibition update

john ros is pleased to announce into the void, a solo exhibition featuring a two-dimensional installation of new works on paper.
read exhibition text.

into the void @ krantz gallery
jefferson community & technical college
downtown campus | 1st street and chestnut street | VTI building, room 116
louisville, kentucky 40202

exhibit runs: 7 february – 4 march 2011
reception: tuesday, 8 february, 4-6p

— view the exhibit
— john ros

Varnot — updates

Varnot attending A.I.R. at Weir Farm, December 2010.

I have returned to Weir Farm for the month of December. I am focusing on work I relate to winter.  I have started five subtle tree watercolors with minimal narrative elements relating to the site. In addition I am sinking chicken eggs I had previously drained into baggies of hydrocal. Once finished, the accumulation of the eggs peaking out of plaster bags will become a larger modular floor or wall installation. I am also working on some tree cut outs and may or may not continue with some drinking straw work…we’ll see!
Happy Holidays!

Varnot finalist for Headlands Center for The Arts Project Space
Annie was recently notified by the Headlands Center for the Arts that she was selected as a finalist for their Artist in Residence Project Space. Unfortunately, in the end, she was not selected….

annie varnot

Lee — at The Drawing Center

Deanna Lee will be showing a site-specific drawing installation in the exhibition Day Job at The Drawing Center.

opening reception: Thursday, December 9, 2010, from 6 to 8 pm.
@ The Drawing Center, 35 Wooster Street in Soho.
The exhibition will be on view from December 10, 2010, to February 3, 2011.

on exhibit: an installation measuring 5 1/2 x 773 inches inspired by an imperfection of The Drawing Center’s Main Gallery.

Deanna Lee


hays — texas exhibition

A Place For Regrets

2010 Home Show
Libby Rowe, Curator
November 4-27
Justice Works Gallery, Blue Star Complex, San Antonio TX
Openings: Thursday, Nov 4 and Friday Nov 5, 6-10pm

The living spaces we create act as a stage upon which we live our lives and experience our familial relationships. The artists included in 2010 Home Show utilize the spaces and structures of the home to explore relationships of the people who inhabit these spaces.
The installations of Jodi Hays celebrate the unconsidered and overlooked spaces in her world. In her work, Hays ceremonially cleans a neglected space, replacing the remnants of life that collect in the corners over time with floral inspired sculpture.”
— From the Curator’s Statement

Hays — new installation

Jodi Hays — Site-Specific Installation
Getting Used to Living in the in Between
The Renaissance Center, Dickson, TN January 2010

My work functions as a metaphor for living in relationship, but also as a reflection on our contemporary social and economic moment. How does one intimately and collectively, get used to living in the in-between, liminal spaces of already begun but not yet finished projects?

My sculptural work is intimate in scale. This installation of clay forms express my interest in landscape and terrain as a metaphor for relationships. The work is intimate, yet Pangea-like in its disbursement. However, the title “We Can Fight This Drift,” implies a statement made from one or another (or collective).

images: Jodi Hays, Getting Used to Living in the in Between, 2010

installation by jodi hays, 2010

installation by jodi hays, 2010

Jodi Hays on galleryELL
Jodi Hays official website

this weekend – governors island

this weekend: governors island art fair
26 & 27 september 2009, 11a-6p.
closing reception: sunday, 27 september 3-6p.

galleryELL is located in building/section I, second floor. (center of complex just above the arch.)

– more info
– view images of the exhibit
– how to get to governors island
– how to get to the fair

galleryELL artists

galleryELL is pleased to announce the artists selected in our 2009 open call:

joel bacon – works on paper
aleks bartosik
– drawing, painting & installation
loren erdrich
– sculpture & drawing
jodi hays – mixed media &  installation
lori hinrichsen – works on paper
liz_kauffman – painting & drawing
daniel nelson – mixed media
jennifer palmer – works on paper
gregory patselas – painting & drawing
john ros
– works on paper
jessica westbrook
– photography & installation

we are currently working with all artists to begin the ‘launch-phase’ of our official gallery website.  projects and work of the artists will be managed through a join venture based on studio practice and collaboration with the group of artists being represented.  we look forward to seeing this exciting endeavor develop.

we are still reviewing several applications and will post new artists as they are accepted.  in august we will also be posting submission procedures open to artists living in brooklyn.  it is our aim to form a more local community to help in strengthening our universal ‘web’ community.