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Jeannine Bardo: Solastalgia


Jeannine Bardo: Solastalgia
04-29 November 2016

Callahan Center Gallery, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY
curated by John Ros

Artist Reception: Saturday, 12 November 2016, 4-6p.


The Callahan Center Gallery at St. Francis College will feature a new body of work from Jeannine Bardo during the month of November, curated by artist John Ros.

Jeannine Bardo states in her artist statement, “My landscape is nearing extinction, as am I, as are we.” The work that makes up the exhibition, Solastalgia, directly relates to this phase. The term solastalgia, coined by philosopher Glenn Albrecht in 2003, is the psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change.

A recent Yale/GMU study states that, “[e]ven though ‘two in three Americans are either moderately or very interested in global warming,’ public opinion research finds that 70 percent of Americans ‘rarely or never discuss global warming with family or friends.’”

Solastalgia is Bardo’s attempt to bring that conversation to the fore. Throughout her life she has planted herself firmly into the ground as an artist, community activist and educator, yet her works speak to an interest in that movement which surrounds us and shapes us. Bardo cultivates her persistent energies of constant motion onto the page. It is with this energy that she also presses on us — an affront in gesture and meaning so that we too may experience a sense of solastalgia.

The exhibition is on view from 04-29 November 2016. Join us for a reception for the artist on Saturday, 12 November 2016 from 4-6pm. The gallery is located at 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn Heights, New York, 11201 and will be open to the public during school hours.



Curated by Adriana Pauly
17 October – 09 December 2016

An opening reception will be held during the Arts Festival, on Friday, 21 October 2016, between 6‐10pm.

ATLAS [INDEX] ARCHIVE reflects on the ways in which contemporary artists understand and dialogue with archival practices (cataloging and organizing of visual and theoretical materials in order to generate aesthetic experiences. The works presented stand in for actions, memories and historic moments. Forever captured or continuously evolving they come together to map out personal and universal histories.

Participating Artists: Setare Arashloo, Tegan Brozyna, Alix Camacho and Jeff Kasper, Paula Frisch, Eliesha Grant, Floor Grootenhuis, Tara Homasi, Julian Phillips, John Ros, Erin Turner, UNO, Pedro Vintimilla

ATLAS [INDEX] ARCHIVE is organized by the QC Art Department graduate students in conjunction with the campus’ first Arts Festival, and curated by Adriana Pauly.

Location: The gallery is located on the 6th Floor of the Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library on the Queens College campus at 65­‐30 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY 11367. [map]

There Is Absolutely No Inevitability As Long As There Is A Willingness To Contemplate What Is Happening


There Is Absolutely No Inevitability As Long As There Is A Willingness To Contemplate What Is Happening
A group exhibition featuring the work of Jo Baer, Don DeMauro and MaryKate Maher. Curated by John Ros.

09 September – 21 October 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, 09 September 2016, 6–9p

1144 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216
HOURS: Saturday and Sunday, 1–6pm, and by appointment

SRO GALLERY opens its 2016 Fall season with There Is Absolutely No Inevitability As Long As There Is A Willingness To Contemplate What Is Happening, a group exhibition featuring the work of Jo Baer, Don DeMauro, and MaryKate Maher. Taking its title from the 1967 Marshall McLuhan text about technology, The Medium is the Massage, this exhibit looks to the foundational elements from within the studio and how each artist extracts from the interior space to facilitate the process of thought and consideration of a broader nature.

The exhibit, curated by John Ros, will feature a combination of sculpture and two-dimensional work from DeMauro and Maher, as well as working drawings for Baer’s canvas, Altar of the Egos (Through a Glass Darkly), 2004. SRO GALLERY will also have available for view Jo Baer: In the Giclée-ed Land of the Giants, a giclée edition of 6 prints and 1 title page, with text by John Ros, which debuted at the Frieze Art Fair in New York this past May.

Body Politic


Body Politic
13 May – 18 June 2016
curated by John Ros

RECEPTION: Friday, 13 May, 6-9p

@ academic
47-39 35th Street, Second Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101 [map]
HOURS: Saturday, 1-5p, and by appointment / academicgallery |at|


Our bodies. Individual. En masse. Deciders and followers. Corps-état at center and surrounded – These are our movements and moments: past, future, and present.

Body Politic looks at the figure as inherently political. Our bodies are equal rights, incarceration, inequality, abortion, rape, human trafficking, torture, war — the list is endless. As we move throughout our day, many actions become automatic. Technology pushes and tugs us into one direction or the next: we are subject to a constant deluge of information and access by others, finding comfort in the actions of the “like-minded”.

With the invisible motion of the technological energy around us all, our bodies, minds and souls are also in constant movement. Because of this we seek camaraderie as a sense of pause. However, the more we are surrounded by the “like-minded”, the more divisive we can become. Rather than focus on our similarities, how much more interesting to negotiate our differences? How can we aim for a space that promotes a truly free and open society?

Body Politic, curated by John Ros, features the work of Nina Buxenbaum, Mike Cloud, Loren Nosan, Paulapart, Elinore Schnurr, Zach Seeger, Kathy Stecko and Arielle Stein as a way into these conversations through the practices of these eight artists.

ros — brooklyn college events

Brooklyn College MFA Thesis Exhibition:

12 (twelve) noun / ˈtwɛlv/ is the natural number following 11 and preceding 13.

Curated by Rachel Gugelberger
@ Show Room
170 Suffolk Street | LES, New York, NY 10002

12 – 28 April 2013
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, 12 April 2013, 6-9p

Brooklyn College Spring 2013 MFA Open Studios

Brooklyn College Spring 2013 MFA Open Studios:
@ Boylan Hall, Floors 4, 5 & 6, Brooklyn College, CUNY, Brooklyn NY
Friday, March 22nd, 4-10pm
Saturday, March 23rd, 12-6pm

Directions | Artists | Studio Maps

ros — Brooklyn College Open Studios

Brooklyn College Master of Fine Arts Open Studios
Friday, March 23rd, 6-10pm
Saturday, March 24th, 1-6pm

Brooklyn College MFA Art students and faculty are pleased to announce our Spring 2012 Open Studios event. Twenty-five current Master of Fine Arts candidates will open their studios to welcome dialogue from the public on their creative processes.

The Brooklyn College MFA studios are located @
Boylan Hall floors 4,5 & 6 | studio map
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11210

2 or 5 to Flatbush Avenue
Q to Avenue H
B41, B44 to Flatbush/Nostrand

ros — upcoming events

john ros will be participating in a few group exhibitions and projects this december.

first, a group exhibition, cluster bomb, at the bowery poetry club.
— cluster bomb is a group exhibit on the elizabeth murray art wall of the bowery poetry club. the show is on view from 9 december 2011 to 1 january 1st 2012.

second, a group collaborative project, free association. | more info.
— the exhibit represents the final project for the collaborative strategies class at brooklyn college.  john is part of the group called “something for naynay” performing, a public service.

finally, john was selected to be a part of a new group exhibition, double spaced, at brooklyn college. | more info.
double spaced, an exhibition in pairs, opens with a reception on 12 december from 5-8p and is on view through march 2012.  double spaced is curated by: patricia d’agosta, jessica erichsen, natalie kohn, kc serota.
— artists include:adian sofia earle, carmen figueroa, pamela jennings, jiyoun lee-lodge, kate mcgraw, fran o’neill, mitch patrick & john ros.