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Lori Hinrichsen @ the Painting Center

Natural/Constructed Spaces I
June 19 – July 14, 2012
The Painting Center, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY

The Painting Center is pleased to present Natural/Constructed Spaces I curated by Marianne Van Lent and Galen Cheney. Contemporary artists are painting their impressions of the constructed world and its impact on natural spaces, which underscores our persistent need to understand ourselves through space. This survey highlights the diversity in each subject and points to the similarities and connections, which bridge the ‘Elysian fields’ to the ghetto and the shining metropolis to the underworld. Natural/Constructed Spaces I brings together 33 artists who treat this subject in ways as varied as the land, itself,

Hinrichsen — Workshops

Lori Hinrichsen has enjoyed teaching art and being a guide to people in their creative process since 2003. She now offers workshops in Vermont and throughout New England. Workshops are non toxic and require no specialized equipment. Adult classes 6-8 students.

If you would like more information for an on-site group workshop please contact Lori.

Lori Hinrichsen
Lori on galleryELL

image: Hinrichsen: water-based monotypes, 2009. 6×6″ each.