New Paintings by Deanna Lee at Lake George Arts Project

Deanna will be showing several brand new paintings in a two-person exhibition at the Lake George Arts Project. If you are in the region, please consider visiting the gallery.

Exhibition dates: September 17-October 21, 2011
Opening reception: Saturday, September 17, 6-8 pm

Location: Lake George Arts Project, Old County Courthouse, 1 Amherst Street, Lake George, NY 12845
Tel: 518-668-2616

Gallery hours: Tuesday through Friday 12–5 pm, Saturday 12–4 pm, or by request

Deanna will be present at the opening reception, which coincides with the Lake George Jazz Weekend.

painting by Deanna Lee, sculpture by Diane Banks

Deanna Lee, "Miss Aquatic," 2011, acrylic on paper, 35 x 47 inches

Varnot — I-Park Artists Enclave

Annie Varnot at the artist residency, I-Park, in East Haddam, CT.

I have a lot of studio ideas, some conflicting, and I feel like I am all over the place. Somehow I wish there were less ideas, but as time continues here I imagine some of the ideas will have legs and the others will not. I recall an old professor of mine saying it’s wise to have two different processes going in the studio that are very different, so that no matter your mood or disposition that day, there will be something that you desire to work on, so this is what I am aiming for in the studio-two different processes – one quiet – meditative – and another process that is more active.

I have some paintings started, and beginnings of a sculpture. I have been trying to use a dremmel tool to carve into these 1000 eggs I have hollowed, but I keep breaking the eggs…wrong bits I think for this task. I am frustrated and feel like giving up that project…for now.

annie varnot

galleryELL artists

galleryELL is pleased to announce the artists selected in our 2009 open call:

joel bacon – works on paper
aleks bartosik
– drawing, painting & installation
loren erdrich
– sculpture & drawing
jodi hays – mixed media &  installation
lori hinrichsen – works on paper
liz_kauffman – painting & drawing
daniel nelson – mixed media
jennifer palmer – works on paper
gregory patselas – painting & drawing
john ros
– works on paper
jessica westbrook
– photography & installation

we are currently working with all artists to begin the ‘launch-phase’ of our official gallery website.  projects and work of the artists will be managed through a join venture based on studio practice and collaboration with the group of artists being represented.  we look forward to seeing this exciting endeavor develop.

we are still reviewing several applications and will post new artists as they are accepted.  in august we will also be posting submission procedures open to artists living in brooklyn.  it is our aim to form a more local community to help in strengthening our universal ‘web’ community.