Sunroom Project Space

Varnot…W/hole May 19–July 1, 2012 Sunroom Project Space


W/hole May 19–July 1, 2012 Sunroom Project Space
Join us Sunday, May 20 at 1:30PM, to meet the artist and hear her discuss the work.
For her highly personal Sunroom Project, Annie Varnot filled the room with enigmatic white sculptures to set up a serene space for contemplating life’s impermanence, as well as the potential for growth and renewal. To create this installation, Varnot collected unsellable eggs from a poultry farmer in Nova Scotia during an artist residency. She then washed and hollowed the dirty or irregularly shaped eggs and set them in plaster, making ambiguous forms with odd protrusions that are mysterious yet seem strangely familiar. Accompanying videos elucidate the visceral experience of manipulating the eggs.
Print and bring this invitation for free admission on May 20.