Varnot — “Oh Varian Sea,” at ROCA

Mulling over the damaging effects of industrialization and consumer culture on the natural landscape, Varnot’s installation, Oh Varian Sea

… is an imagined scientific production of a landscape. In this piece, the mysterious lab sample explodes into a synthetic  wonderland composed not only of the found scientific objects, but also miscellaneous debris, pvc pipes, multi-colored wires, and electric green drinking straws linked together, suggesting slime tubes. With references to nature and the blooming spring, this lab-scape, as the title suggests, is a play on production, reproduction, and the spirit of growth.


Varnot — @ Weir Farm Art Center December 2010

i am too cold to write in my black book diary and so it is easier to write on my laptop because it provides warmth from the bottom of the computer and in so writing on my computer I feel compelled to share with you my “diary.” It is 5:15 pm and it is very cold and dark and I do not want to be outside. December. That being said, I like it here at Weir Farm. There is an absolute contrast in temperature, color, and light between being here in August verse being here in December.