official launch

announcement card | august 2009


celebrating the official launch of galleryELL.com.

our website contains full galleries from our artists.  work is available for purchase directly from the website.  you can also schedule gallery or home/office visits to view work in person.  more purchase information will be available on this website in the ‘purchasing artwork’ section.

this wordpress blog is the artists’ & community forum page.  get the latest information from galleryELL & galleryELL artists — upcoming exhibits, studio information, new & work in progress, writing, etc.  this will be the space to interact, ask questions and develop conversations about current studio practices, art and community.

we are challenging the idea of what a gallery is by being a ‘transient’ gallery.  though we do not have a traditional gallery space, we will be exhibiting the work of our artists through a variety of means and venues; either through rentals, donations, proposals, grants, etc.  galleryELL is also a platform in which to experience artwork online 24/7.

we look forward to forming solid connections in brooklyn, throughout new york city and in all the communities where our artists live and contribute.

galleryELL artists

galleryELL is pleased to announce the artists selected in our 2009 open call:

joel bacon – works on paper
aleks bartosik
– drawing, painting & installation
loren erdrich
– sculpture & drawing
jodi hays – mixed media &  installation
lori hinrichsen – works on paper
liz_kauffman – painting & drawing
daniel nelson – mixed media
jennifer palmer – works on paper
gregory patselas – painting & drawing
john ros
– works on paper
jessica westbrook
– photography & installation

we are currently working with all artists to begin the ‘launch-phase’ of our official gallery website.  projects and work of the artists will be managed through a join venture based on studio practice and collaboration with the group of artists being represented.  we look forward to seeing this exciting endeavor develop.

we are still reviewing several applications and will post new artists as they are accepted.  in august we will also be posting submission procedures open to artists living in brooklyn.  it is our aim to form a more local community to help in strengthening our universal ‘web’ community.