galleryELL welcomes nancy hubbard

nancy hubbard has joined the galleryELL community.

nancy hubbard for galleryELL
image: nancy hubbard, untitled 2007

[for nancy] … each piece starts with a hunch and grows from there. nothing is planned, leaving much to chance. sometimes this creates doubt, which forces her to make a decision; at other times it creates excitement, which compels her to try something new.
… in hindsight, chance doesn’t really play a role at all — in the end she can see that she knew where she was headed the whole time.

nancy on galleryELL
nancy’s official website

galleryELL welcomes melissa staiger

galleryELL would like to welcome our newest member artist, melissa staiger of brooklyn, new york. you can view her work at the galleryELL website.

melissa staiger
color is a remedy for melissa. for over ten years she has been painting in sequences of colors and shapes. her work is the human element tied with expansiveness.

this evolution begins with drops of paint created from a dropper, which are then configured into extended lines. the lines in this suite of drawings came from visiting upstate new york where melissa had time to contemplate quietness in the imagery of bare trees. the lines in the work are active yet quiet. the viewer negotiates through the negative space between the lines and in her color choices. she uses reds, whites, oranges, yellows and other neutrals creating these works through intuition and a collective knowledge of her experience.

melissa’s official website

new artists to galleryELL

galleryELL would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome three new artists:
matthew choberka, kirsten nash & annie varnot.

these artists join a dynamic group of actively working artists concerned with connectivity to community beyond their practice.
we look forward to working with them and growing our strength as a transient gallery community.


official launch

announcement card | august 2009


celebrating the official launch of galleryELL.com.

our website contains full galleries from our artists.  work is available for purchase directly from the website.  you can also schedule gallery or home/office visits to view work in person.  more purchase information will be available on this website in the ‘purchasing artwork’ section.

this wordpress blog is the artists’ & community forum page.  get the latest information from galleryELL & galleryELL artists — upcoming exhibits, studio information, new & work in progress, writing, etc.  this will be the space to interact, ask questions and develop conversations about current studio practices, art and community.

we are challenging the idea of what a gallery is by being a ‘transient’ gallery.  though we do not have a traditional gallery space, we will be exhibiting the work of our artists through a variety of means and venues; either through rentals, donations, proposals, grants, etc.  galleryELL is also a platform in which to experience artwork online 24/7.

we look forward to forming solid connections in brooklyn, throughout new york city and in all the communities where our artists live and contribute.